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Hello and Welcome, Friends! My name is Elisabeth. I believe that our Earth is undergoing a Great Awakening, and that the gift of Astrology was given to humanity in order to assist us in integrating our Divine and human aspects so that we may create an experience of Heaven on Earth. The position of the celestial bodies at the exact moment of our birth can be found in our Astrology birth chart and gives us clues about where our Soul has been, what we are here to do in this lifetime, what painful patterns we are repeating that we may not yet be able to see in ourselves, how past life wounds may be affecting our current lives, where our gifts lie and more. I would be honored to use my knowledge of Astrology and my intuition to help you discover the answers to these questions and to offer suggestions of practices that may assist you to achieve inner peace with more ease and grace. I offer virtual Soul Map Readings where we can unlock the magic of your Astrology birth chart together. If the above resonates with you in any way, I invite you to please explore this website for more information.

How can I support you during Earth's Great Awakening, My Friend? ​

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