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Thank You, Meg!

I absolutely loved my Soul Map session with Elisabeth and highly recommend investing in this experience! Elisabeth combined her knowledge of astrology and wisdom she received from my guides in order to create a thoughtful, thorough and inspiring reading. She wrote such a beautiful and insightful description of my chart. During my session she shared her writings and we chatted about illuminated actions I could take to support my journey of experiencing heaven on earth. Elisabeth’s kindhearted and empathic nature created a safe space to receive this information. I feel empowered and encouraged with this knowledge and am so grateful to Elisabeth for her guidance and support.

-Meg Burton Tudman

Thank You, Stacey!

I treated myself to a Soul Map Reading from Elisabeth on this past October’s powerful full blood moon. Elisabeth's presence made me feel calm and comfortable. She explained things clearly and was so detailed, accurate and specific to me. I highly recommend a Soul Map reading with Elisabeth if you’re looking for some cosmic guidance or just simply want to know more about yourself and your life. I also love that I have a recording of our private reading that I can refer to in the future for guidance. I left our reading feeling optimistic and empowered to cope with what is to come. Thank you so much Elisabeth! 

Thank You, MaryJean!

I was deeply touched by my written Soul Map Reading and am feeling happy about it. I am a spiritual dowser and energy facilitator and have created dowsing charts for ascension  called 'Giving Freedom: A System of Ascension'. When I dowsed my reading the result was that it is 'connected to the highest level of Source Consciousness, neutral percent ego, and infinite percent accurate!'. Thank you for your beautiful work.


After her own reading, MaryJean immediately purchased another written Soul Map Reading for a family member! 

Thank You, Emily!

Elisabeth is not only well versed in her profession of Astrology, but also highly intuitive as well. She is kind and patient in explaining the complexities of a chart, and her excitement in what she finds and shares with you is contagious. I would recommend her to anyone looking for more insight into their place and role in this cosmic vastness. She is a wonderful guiding light- not to be missed! She is authentic and genuine, too. Thank you Elisabeth!

Thank You, Molly!​

The Soul Map Reading with Elisabeth is a beautiful experience.

It solidifies where you are coming from, the challenges you are overcoming,

the tools you have to succeed, and where you might end up in your

highest expression and journey. Elisabeth is intuitive, and skilled in amplifying

what it is you are currently working on. Highly recommended for anyone!

Thanks Elisabeth. 

Thank You, A.K.!

Thank you for the beautiful Mini-Moon Reading. It is very interesting and full of light and insight, unique from other readings I have had that touched on moon placement. I enjoyed it and your intuitive guidance. 


Thank You, Neeraj!